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Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Drug Addiction Treatment Program

Sanctum Wellness is the best drug rehab centre in Delhi. Our rehab center is located in the peaceful and natural surroundings where we provide elite treatment to our clients dealing with different types of drug addiction. We have a very unique and innovative treatment approach.

Sanctum Wellness also offers outpatient treatment for clients who are traveling to India for their drug addiction treatment. The treatment style and location varies but we always ensure uniqueness and effectiveness of our treatment plan. Our drug addiction treatment in Mumbai is well renowned in medical communities worldwide. We provide exclusive treatment programs like 12-step, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, detoxification and others focusing on mental and physical wellness of our patients.

What to expect in drug rehab?

Our drug rehabilitation centre in India offers counseling sessions and therapy along with mental and physical health activities. We keep our patients engaged with fun activities as part of our scheduled program. We are focused to offer counseling sessions to keep your mind active and to divert your mind away from addiction or cravings.

Along with one-on-one and group counseling, we conduct other activities like personal training, swimming, yoga, mindfulness, art and music, meditation, and other therapies. In addition, clients can easily explore other areas with recreational activities each week.

Sanctum Wellness – A paradise to promote healing

We have the finest drug addiction treatment Centre provided by our qualified doctors and specialists in a healthy environment. We help our clients to spend their days with meditation, yoga, exercises, and scheduled treatment and therapy sessions. We also offer round-the-clock services, private rooms and a specialized treatment program for you. If you are looking for the best healing care for your drug addiction in India, you’ve landed at the right place.

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