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Drug Rehab Program for Professionals, CEOs, Executives


Sanctum provides a highly regarded Executive Rehab program for Business Professionals/CEOs/Executives. Many of the individuals treated by our professional team, have spent their lives developing their careers, working extremely hard and undergoing an inconceivable amount of stress in their professional journey.

We at Sanctum, recognize that executives are indispensable assets to their organizations and thus help them get rid of unhealthy dependency patterns. We support their recovery and initiate a healthy lifestyle that can continue once they return to their professional lives and assist in their optimal performance.

Our Executive Rehab program focuses on detox in an environment supportive of access to wifi facility, cellular phone and laptops to ensure that stepping away 100% from work is not needed while rejuvenation, exercise, nutrition, nature time and stress management are taken care of. Sanctum specializes in recovery for Executives that is highly customized, completely confidential and personalized. Sanctum Executive Rehab programs are designed to enable executives or other people with high-powered jobs to detox from substances, in the least amount of time possible to help them return to their professional and personal responsibilities as healthier beings.

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