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Sex Addiction Treatment Centre


Sex addiction can be extremely self-destructive and it can negatively influence a person’s primal instincts without them even realizing it. Consequently, people can begin viewing sex as nothing more than a self-indulged physical release, rather than the pair bonding of two people. When this jeopardizes our ability to connect with other people, treatment must be sought.

Problems such as unwanted pregnancy, loss of social status, financial loss, sexually transmitted disease, legal issues, diminished performance at work and stress related illnesses can be common. The damage that can occur as a result of porn addiction can be as severe as is with any addiction. Socially you can become introverted and shy away from potential relationships; emotionally you can become detached; psychologically you can suffer from guilt, shame and confusion and physically you can suffer from a variety of stress related conditions, impotence or premature ejaculation. At Sanctum we understand this and make one feel safe and secure in our environment when exploring these behaviors. Whether it’s through one-on-one treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy or holistic wellness, it’s possible to treat sex addiction and find the right help here.

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