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Game Addiction Treatment Centre


The computer and console gaming industry is growing with its biggest forms being Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). These enable the player to fully immerse themselves in a world where they get to choose their characteristics and form alliances or a community in order to achieve a multitude of tasks. Addicted individuals may find themselves in front of the screen for more and more hours, for days at a time and so absorbed that their life seems to pass them by. This virtual or augmented reality is a fantasy world that can feel safe and familiar, an escape.

When gaming crosses the line from leisure/pleasure to compulsivity, gamers may find they are unable to stop once started, to stay stopped or experience severe withdrawal (anger, depression, isolation, emptiness) when unable to play. We believe in addressing the underlying issues with our clients and working through emotional blocks leading to this compulsive behavior, in a holistic manner.

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