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Sanctum Wellness Helped Me to Overcome My Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

 Joining a rehab centre can be scary initially, especially when one has no idea about the treatment procedure, therapies, facilities and even the staff members that you would come across in the process of getting de-addiction. I was in a similar position when I resolved to seek treatment at Sanctum Wellness Rehab Centre in Delhi. But, in the end my experience with the rehab was both enriching and enlightening in its true sense.

I was a highly aggressive, inconsiderate and addicted inpidual who cared little about others, particularly my family member. However, at Sanctum rehab, I received appropriate care and treatment from Dr.Niharika and her team members who helped me to transform my thought process and become a more loving & caring person. Of course, my journey was not very smooth and came with its own fair share of hiccups and challenges. I was both a drug and alcohol addict and thus found it increasingly difficult to overcome my addiction.  I sought help from my friends initially, but no amount of motivation was helping me. After years of addiction, I decided to seek treatment at Sanctum. It was here that I received a great deal of support, love and care from Dr.Niharika and other staff members. My experience with the rehabilitation centerin India was amazing. They had much to offer to every patient, including me. To begin with, the environment, facilities and programs offered at Sanctum are one of a kind.

I personally felt that the environment of the rehab made it easier for me to overcome my addiction. I gradually succeeded in giving up on both drug and alcohol addiction and became a much better person that what I was a couple of years ago. Dr.Niharika also lent emotional support that helped me heal my psychological issues. Today, I no longer hold on to my past psychological issues. I have discovered my self-worth and know how to cope with my addiction now. In fact, I have become a more positive person and now look forward to leading a healthy and meaningful life.

What Dr.Niharika has to say?

I have come across numerous drug & alcohol and gambling and other types of addicts who struggle to cope with their addiction problem. My experience with them has taught me that they are dealing with a lot of depression and need constant love, care, attention and encouragement to fight addiction. In this case too, the patient was struggling and longed for love & unpided attention. I decided to build a strong and supportive relationship with him and even encouraged him to express his inner-most thoughts, feelings and desires. I also encouraged him to consider Sanctum as the place for gaining health & wellness. Soon the patient felt that the rehab was the ideal place to discover his true self. He felt happy and comfortable with the people and staff members at the rehabilitation centre. Through a carefully planned de-addiction program, series of therapies and even adequate treatment, he was able to give up on his addiction and has now re-united with his family.

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