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With the population of over 1.3 billion people, India stands 2nd among the most populated countries. Over 65% of the population of India falls under the age of 35 years. Our country is witnessing a significant growth. But over 10% of the population is addicted to alcohol and drugs in India.

The drug and alcohol abuse cases have been rising dramatically in major cities in India. People become drug and alcohol addicts due to many reasons, such as family issues, modern and high society culture, and habit of seeking immediate pleasure. A lot of people initially try substance to feel the reaction. At the end, it causes addiction over a certain time period.

Even after knowing alcohol consumption is injurious to health and what the consequences are, addicted people still can’t get away because it’s too late. Despite running awareness ad campaigns and showing disclaimers on every film and TV series, the cases of alcohol addiction and substance abuse are still showing no sign of slowdown.

Join Sanctum Wellness for Better Care

Sanctum Wellness is the best government accredited and licensed luxury Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi. We are here to help people manage and overcome their alcohol, drug and other addiction issues and lead them with proper planning. Our certified and experienced psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists in Delhi, and other staff work together to help each patient to recover from alcohol or other substance abuse.

We are here to help patients to get rid of chronic drinking, binge drinking, smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse and other addictions. Lifestyle factors and stress are the major causes of addictions in Delhi and other parts of India. We are efficiently offering our rehab services over the years.

Why Should You Trust Sanctum?
  • Safe, Secure, Friendly and Confidential environment to cope with addiction.
  • Expert Consultants, Psychiatrists, Therapists, and Counselors and other staff
  • Round the clock care and support
  • Customized treatment plan with Therapy, Counseling, Yoga and Meditation sessions
Our Facilities

We provide all the basic treatments to our clients in our inpatient rehab programs, such as –

  • Neat and Clean AC and VIP rooms
  • Cold and hot water supply
  • Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Experienced experts and counselors
  • Regular health checkup by efficient team of doctors
  • Round the clock medical and support staff
  • Recreation activities
Quality Assurance

We are well known to deliver the best care and ideal environment in the whole addiction treatment program. We have developed a customized program to achieve the long-term and positive benefits. We work together to improve your experience and seek feedback from patients and their families after recovery. We are the top rehab center in Delhi for our best and personalized approaches, long-term recovery and high success rate.

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