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5 Addictions you must have developed during Covid-19

Coronavirus or COVID 19 has affected the daily lives of people in different ways. A lot of schools, businesses, and public places have been shut down and disrupted socially and financially. The pandemic has affected our lives in many ways. Those who are safe at home have been affected by different types of addictions and mental conditions. People who have been already dealing with substance use disorders are the worst hit by COVID-19 lockdown. Their mental and physical health has been at stake. Those who were being recovered are now isolated from social life. Negative emotions like anxiety, fear and depression have been holding many people back from getting proper addiction treatment. Due to all these reasons, people have been dealing with some of the most common addictions during Coronavirus pandemic

1. Substance Abuse – Using illicit drugs causes lung, kidney and liver damage while affecting blood vessels in the brain and heart. Smoking any drug like marijuana and tobacco case weakening of the lungs. Hence, smokers are at higher risk of being hospitalized due to Coronavirus. Abusing opioids can affect pulmonary and respiratory health. 

2. Alcohol addiction We all are well aware of the condition of alcoholics in India. Despite having lockdown and increasing cases, wine shops are still open and people are rushing over there without caring about their own health and someone else’s. Due to this reason, those who are addicted to alcohol are risking the lives of their own and their loved ones due to COVID-19 and alcoholism.

3. Depression and anxiety People who already have mental health issues like anxiety, stress and depression are more likely to be hit by substance abuse. In order to cope up with their stress, they use more drugs and alcohol and it usually worsens. Mental health disorders are also very common considering lockdown stress and different types of problems because of lack of social life.

4. Gaming Addiction The gaming industry is growing big thanks to the popularity of online multiplayers and Battle Royale games. But gaming has its own side effects. Since people, especially teens, are locked up in their homes due to lockdown and COVID-19 situations, they end up playing games for several hours and it leads to addiction. People never know when gaming becomes compulsive from pleasure or leisure activity. At the end, gamers feel severe withdrawal like depression, anger, emptiness and isolation as they cannot stop playing.

5. Food Addiction It is another common behavioral addiction. Binge eating of sugary and fatty foods turns on the reward system in our mind and it leads to food addiction. Since people are spending most of their time at home, it is very common to have cravings for snacks and sugary beverages. When they stop taking these foods and take food with less sugar or fat, they observe withdrawal symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I go for treatment after office hours?

If you have mild addiction, you can seek outpatient rehab by traveling to our facility for proper treatment. We also recommend our patients to get COVID-19 testing done. You can also be screened by video call or phone if you have symptoms before arrival.

How do you treat patients with mental disorders and addiction?

At Sanctum Wellness, we provide specialist treatment for dual disorders. We have Eastern wellness and holistic care practices, such as counseling and psychotherapy to deal with core issues and provide help for life-long recovery.

Is food addiction curable?

Psychological dependence is very common among other withdrawal symptoms of food addiction. At Sanctum, our specialists provide therapeutic modalities to deal with this disorder and to help you cope with your obsession for unhealthy food.

The Takeaway - Seeking Addiction Recovery during COVID-19 pandemic

Of course, more than half of the world has been stopped by pandemic. But there are some things in life which never stop, such as addiction. During the chaos, lives of many people have been affected by anxiety, stress and isolation. Sanctum Wellness is a caring addiction treatment center in Delhi to provide the right cure for your condition.

Frequently Asked Questions
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