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Yoga is an effective adjunct therapy for the treatment of substance abuse and is an available option for our clients. Studies on yoga and neuroplasticity support that those who incorporate yoga into their recovery program can receive a unique benefit. Neuroplasticity involves the brain’s ability to create new neural pathways that support new behaviors. Much of the literature about the benefits of yoga for recovering persons discusses the improvement in feelings of self-worth, confidence, body image, and general outlook on life. Yoga can help a recovering person to gain control over the impulse to self-harm and do drugs, which in turn contributes to improved self-image. Recovering persons who practice yoga can learn how to control their breathing and quiet their minds (which aid the neuroplasticity process). The mindfulness learned on the mat during yoga practice can organically cross over into every facet of recovering persons’ lives, including their recognition of drug use cues and ability to form healthy responses.

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