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Fake or Real: Are addicted people increasing in India? If not, why rehab centers are substantially growing

 As COVID-19 cases keep on rising across the country and the world, there is a new public health crisis that is being overlooked. It might cause more despair and loss of lives than what Coronavirus could do. There are great chances that addiction of alcohol and other substances is growing after COVID-19.

So, there is a great demand for more rehab centers in India to open and provide rehab services to address both psychological and physical issues in people. Around a month ago, in COVID-19 hotspots like Mumbai, governments opened wine shops as part of easing the consistent lockdown. The manic rush of booze-loving people has been the worst example of lockdown effect.

Even worse, the consumption of whiskey in India is around 3 times more than the US. Around one in 2 whisky bottles in the world go into sales.  According to a recent report by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, more than 14% of Indian users up to 75 years old are regular drinkers. It means at least 1/3rd of Indian men are alcohol consumers. According to the WHO, around 11% of Indians are binge drinking, while the international average being 16%.

May be due to lockdown or other reasons, alcohol consumption in India has been all time high, i.e. around 38% rise since 1990, from 4.3 liters per year per person to over 5.9 liters per person per year.

Are Rehab Centers Really Growing?

Well, there is no such news or official confirmations that rehab centers in India are growing or not. But, it is also true that the demand for drug and alcohol rehab is increasing. Luckily, there are luxury rehabs in India like Sanctum Wellness that come up with some holistic ways to deal with changes in life which involves alcohol. They provide holistic treatment for alcohol de addiction.


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