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Methamphetamine Addiction

Meth is a powerful psychostimulant and can very quickly lead to addiction. Because of the chemical makeup of meth, it doesn’t take long at all for regular use to turn into an addiction problem. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of meth addiction is vitally important so you know what kind of support you may need to help someone you know if they suffer from substances like this. Here are some signs as written by expert rehab counselors as well as those who use our esteemed residential treatment center that we might be able to offer your friend or family member! Our certified therapists focus on many holistic methods that may bring comfort and relief for those suffering from substance-related struggles like meth dependency. If you need help, we hope you will consider seeking out our treatment center and let us help with our dedicated professional staff who knows how best to deliver the very best care!

Physical Symptoms of Meth Addiction

Meth addiction is a severe and dangerous addiction. Physical signs of meth use include acne, scabs/sores on the face or body, decaying teeth (known as “Meth mouth”), frail and thin body, droopy facial skin, and intense scratching. Other consequences include increased libido and at the very least you might have already heard of "meth mouth" before. Meth addicts aren’t usually spotted instantly like some other addictions like alcohol or cannabis may be. Even though meth addicts might not look like it at the first glance they could still be suffering from these problems. Some campaigns have shown before and after pictures of drug addicts over time so we want to give you some early signs so you can help those who need it.

These physical symptoms can lead to more issues. It’s why meth addicts often get sick frequently because their immune systems are weaker when they resort to the drug when it becomes immune-compromised. Their skin is also likely to be sore from all of the scratching and open sores that appear when a person continues with this type of drug abuse for long periods. Sexually transmitted diseases are also prevalent in this kind of lifestyle where both consciousness and self-respect diminish - but it’s not only the addict who suffers in this way.

Psychological Signs of Meth Addiction

Even before long-term meth use and addiction set in, the brain suffers psychological effects that will last a long time. Some psychological signs that meth use has affected a person include memory problems, delusions, hallucinations, insomnia/trouble sleeping, paranoia, and irritability.

The symptoms and side-effects of meth use can be psychologically and physically damaging: addicts may experience delusions and hallucinations, making it hard for them to distinguish between imaginary symptoms and real side effects. This can lead to people feeling like there's something crawling underneath their skin which compels them to scratch relentlessly in order to get the bugs out.

They can't sleep for days at a time. They're irritable, touchy, and have memory problems and delusions after many days without sleeping. The psychological signs of meth addiction go hand in hand with the physical ones. Luckily, the psychological symptoms of meth addiction can often be addressed through a positive and effective treatment program. At Sanctum Wellness and Healing, one of the best rehabs in Delhi we offer a wide range of therapies so that whoever comes to us can find the right treatment to meet their needs. Some of our therapies include physical therapy, behavioral therapy, mental therapy, yoga therapy, fitness therapy.

These are just some of the therapies we offer across all our addiction treatment programs.

Behavioral Signs of Meth Addiction

When a person is addicted to meth, their behavior will become very different from the way it used to be. Some examples include rejecting important relationships or interests, sneaking around, trying to hide items, stealing, or doing other drastic actions for money.

When meth users first start using, they tend to be more interested in getting high than anything else. They stop attending events with once-important people and begin isolating themselves relatively quickly compared to less experienced users. At the beginning process of becoming addicted to meth, the drug use itself becomes all-consuming. That is why people with an addiction will do almost anything to continue using because it becomes their only obsession, which is sad but not uncommon for addictive substances.

When the addiction has taken over, addicts will sell off what was once valuable to them - such as heirlooms or family photos that used to mean a lot. They'll become willing to engage in sexual activity (and even prostitution) as well as other acts such as burglary and theft.

Neurobiological Signs of Meth Addiction

Meth use can lead to several issues in the brain. For example, there is a higher chance of stroke and Parkinson’s as well as nerve damage to the brain which causes problems with microglia function. This hinders the ability of cells to repair the damage.

After prolonged meth use, some of the damage caused by the drug may be permanent. Studies show that damage to the brain heals gradually over time. Depending on how long an addict has been using meth, symptoms can also become more severe and difficult to recover from.

Longer-Term Signs of Meth Addiction

The longer someone uses meth, the more and stronger signs and side effects they experience. These symptoms can include deficits in thinking and motor skills, severe memory loss, violent behavior, and disinhibition (or impaired self-control). Long-term meth use can severely damage the brain and reduce its capacity to create natural chemicals such as dopamine. For example, using meth floods the brain with dopamine creating an imbalance that throws it out of whack and makes normal functions that rely on dopamine impossible. Long-term dopamine excess can lead to impaired memory and a lack of learning ability.

Discover How Sanctum Wellness and Healing can provide the Support Necessary to Recover

If you think someone in your life is currently addicted to meth, it is crucial that they seek help immediately. At Sanctum, India’s best de-addiction center we have a variety of therapy options so if someone you know or love is struggling with meth addiction, give us a call today. We are here to help you on the road to overcoming your meth addiction successfully.

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