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Whether you are able to help someone else, or if you are someone who is in the throes of dealing with an addiction, it is important to remember that you are not alone. With the right help at the top rehabilitation centers in India, you can truly get better. Treatment for addiction at the best alcohol addiction treatment centers in India is not just a singular event, and it is important to remember that most of the work is done in the hours and weeks after the treatment at the best rehabs in India, is over. It is important to stick with the process and to continue to utilize the support systems that were put in place while in treatment at the top de-addiction centers in India.

If you need assistance or guidance on how to best support someone during their recovery journey, please explore our guide. Although this is a very challenging journey, it is important to end it on a positive note. By developing supportive relationships with others, you can make a big difference in their life!

Addiction is the uncontrollable use of drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease, not a character weakness. Addiction takes over the brain, making an addict unable to control their drug or alcohol use. People can become addicted to drugs and alcohol as well as activities such as gambling, sex, and the internet. The key to recovery from addiction lies in finding support and building confidence, which can be hard with a disease that causes a person to feel alone and ashamed. It is important to remember that addiction is a disease, and that each person experiences it differently. You can find more information about addiction here.

Addiction is a disease that affects the brain. It makes a person seek out something, such as drugs or alcohol, that they cannot stop using. However, it is important to remember that addiction is not something that is done to oneself, and that each person is affected by it differently. The reasons for addiction are as varied as people are, and are only rarely the result of one factor. The reason for addiction is only one component that affects a person's recovery, but you can be there to support them through the hard times and make the recovery process easier for both of you.

It is easy to get disappointed when we see someone make a mistake—especially when we're the ones who supported them. But the greatest thing we can do is to be there for them when they need it. It is not the end of the world! And if they continue to make the same mistake, it is best to talk to them about their mistake before you address their behavior directly. Remember that nobody is perfect and everybody is capable of learning.

Our goal is to be in recovery from mental health issues forever by taking treatment at the best drug and alcohol rehabs in India. But sometimes, even with all the hard work we put in, things are not perfect. Relapses happen. This is not a bad thing, or a sign that you should give up and go back to how things were. In fact, a relapse can be an important step in recovery. You need to remember that relapse is not the same as failure. It is an important part of the process, and can be a positive thing to help you learn and grow.

A relapse can happen to anyone, and it is important to know how to deal with it. When you experience a relapse, you may feel hopeless. However, it is important to realize that it is not unusual for recovery to be a long process. Recovery is a journey, rather than a destination, that is full of ups and downs. If you learn from your mistakes, your recovery will only become stronger. If you have a relapse, you need to understand that it is normal. You are not alone; there are millions of other people who have experienced relapse. You should not feel ashamed or embarrassed, because this relapse is a learning opportunity. You can learn from your past mistakes and use them to improve your future recovery. It is important to remember that you are not the only person who has relapsed, relapse is normal and is a common part of recovery. Even those with years of sobriety may relapse at one point or another. Relapses are a part of recovery and it is important to know how to handle them. Learn to forgive yourself, acknowledge your feelings and develop a plan for how to deal with them.

There is an extensive literature supporting the contention that social support has a beneficial impact on a variety of health conditions, including substance abuse. [1] [2] [3] Research studies have shown that the measures of social support predicted better substance use outcomes. [4]

While it is important to be understanding of someone suffering from addiction, it is also important not to let them walk all over you. When you are trying to help a person with addiction issues, it is important to make it clear that you are there to help them, but nothing more. Addicts often feel as though they can use their situation to get whatever they want from others and this is where the line must be drawn. An addict must know that if they want to continue receiving help, they must also be respectful of their loved ones. If they choose to act inappropriately, it is okay to set some boundaries and make it clear that they cannot continue with this behavior.

It is important that loved ones do not become guilt tripped into supporting these individuals because they will never get the help they need unless they feel like they risk losing their support system completely. It is OK to set clear boundaries around what is - and isn’t - acceptable in your home, space or relationship with them. [5]

If you are in a place where you can see your loved one may relapse, you need to get them out of it by making them undergo treatment at the top luxury rehabs in India. You should take them out of the dangerous setting and talk to them, let them know that you are there to help them and they need to get help at the best rehabs in India. You should always be there for them when they need it, so if you think they are going to relapse, try to stop it before it happens. Relapses are not going to make recovering any easier for them, so if you see that happening, you need to step in and help them in the best way you think you can.

Should a loved one fall into their old habits, you will have to have a serious discussion with them about what they plan on doing to help themselves.

When speaking to someone about their drug use, listen respectfully to their views, and respond calmly. The tone and the type of language you use is important. Try to avoid the following, since this may upset the person and make them less likely to seek support:

  • Being judgmental
  • Lecturing the person
  • Making them feel guilty
  • Using bribes or threats
  • Using negative labels like ‘addict’ [6]

You need to make sure they are safe, get them the help that they need at the best luxury rehab centers in India and make sure they are going to apply what they learn to their everyday life. By getting them the support that they need, you are letting them know that you care about them.

When dealing with an addict, it is important to remove them from the addictive substance. While addiction is a mental and physical struggle, it is important to keep them in a comfortable environment at the top de-addiction centres in India. If you confront them in a harsh way, they may not want to talk to you. Instead, try to make them feel comfortable around you, even if they are feeling ashamed and are refusing to admit they have a problem.

You cannot force addicts to go to rehab. But you can try to get them to agree to go. Agreeing to go to a rehab house is the easiest way to start treatment. The individual does not need to be high to agree to it. They need to be in a sober state of mind when they agree to go to a rehabilitation house for treatment.

Addiction is not easy to deal with. It is not something you can just solve overnight. It takes time and patience.

Be stern, but loving. You are looking out for their best interest, after all. You can help them. Just remember that addiction is a full-fledged disease. Show them compassion and understanding, but do not let them manipulate you, because they will try. It can be hard to let go, but it is for the best. And no matter what, you can handle it.

The goal of Sanctum wellness and healing – one of the best de-addiction centers in India - is to help anyone who needs the assistance to get better. Our experienced team is here to help those in need of physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional help to recover from their illness and injuries. By taking advantage of our numerous therapies, such as yoga, meditation, massage, and other holistic modalities, and specialized healing programs, we can assist anyone in getting back on the right path. Contact us and learn how we can help you to stay on track to a fully recovered life.


AUTHOR - Dr. Niharika Singh (MBBS, MD Psychiatry, MIPS)
Dr. Niharika Singh received her MBBS degree from Kurukshetra University, following which she went on to complete MD Psychiatry from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. During her residency program she pursued her thesis on psychosocial factors and personality profile of early and late onset Alcohol dependence syndrome. With a view to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of mental health, she then continued to train regularly with premier institutes such as Harvard Medical School - McLean Hospital (USA) in Mind-Body Medicine, Beck Institute (USA) in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, NIMHANS (Bangalore) in Addiction Psychiatry, Behaviour Medicine, Clinical Neurophysiology and Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation and has completed Fellowship in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation from Duke University (USA). After post-graduation, her goal has been to inform the public on addiction issues. Her mission is to help those in need of treatment find the best option for them. And with this being her consistent vision, she believes in de-stigmatizing the field of addiction psychiatry and rehabilitation center treatment in India and has been working at a licensed dual-diagnosis facility in New Delhi. Through her contributions to she aims at providing licensed, professional rehabilitative care choices to patients and their families.

REVIEWED BY - Sudipta Rath (M. Phil in Clinical Psychology)
Sudipta Rath has completed her MPhil in clinical psychology from Utkal University in Odisha (India) in 2020 and is currently practicing in New Delhi as a clinical psychologist at dual diagnosis facility. She is a licensed RCI practitioner specializing in all forms of psychotherapy. Addiction and mental health are personal subjects for her, and her goal is that she can give a helping hand to those seeking healthy and lasting recovery.

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