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How to help someone with an Eating Disorder?

When confronted with stress or trauma, individuals try to develop coping ways to deal with it. Unfortunately, the coping mechanism involves something that is often dangerous in themselves - for example, if individuals are facing social stress or lack of control in their everyday life, they might develop an eating disorder. This may seem like a way out but actually takes its toll on their well-being. The most damaging misconception is the idea that issues like this are related to food (they aren't). One of the main aspects is the notion that someone who's dealing with an eating disorder should hide it because it represents some kind of embarrassment. The answer here is not to hide them; rather help them! Sanctum has excellent solutions and offers professional guidance. We understand how important finding your peace back can be and want to discuss ways in which this can take place effectively - please contact us now - we promise you'll be glad you did!

Don’t Demand that Someone Follow your Diet

We at Sanctum wellness and healing, India’s foremost eating disorder treatment center, understand that people who experience preoccupation with food often have underlying struggles in other areas of their life. Specifically, some find themselves grabbing control in any way they can, which for many manifests through over-exercising or calorie counting or bingeing and purging - whatever falls into this category counts.

Unfortunately, people tend to stuff their feelings with food. The highlight of their day may be around when it comes to eating something or something else in excess. However, after this food is digested, they feel what is referred to in the industry as 'shame.' Purging in situations like these can help in managing creating 'control' through whether they are in control over whether or not they purge. See it clearly here - there are various situations where someone becomes reliant on controlling themselves when it comes to food. This has little to do with needing information on what are considered healthy foods.

How to help someone with an eating Disorder?

In the beginning, notice the warning signs. Does your loved one seem easily fatigued? They might complain about a lack of energy or say they tire quickly while going about their regular activities. Do they smell often of diuretics? Or perhaps you can tell from their clothing that stashes of diuretics manage to get into some of their clothing despite your best efforts to keep them sober. If any of these things are true then your loved one may be an addict who secretly relapses, even when you think they've gotten better/stopped using.

It's important to educate yourself about the many different treatment options that are available. For example, most people suffering from eating disorders need medical treatment. However, for this to work it is strongly advised that they spend some time away from specific stressors in their lives when they can really focus on themselves and getting better - especially when it comes to conditions involving extreme weight loss or gain.

Healing Centers could be Instrumental in Healing your loved one overcome the condition

Therapists at a healing center help people overcome eating disorders. A professional treatment program may include individual counseling, which addresses the underlying reasons driven by obsession to control what goes into a person's mouth. Trauma therapy helps your loved one heal from adverse experiences and memories that still haunt him or her. If you notice your loved one suffers from severe anxiety or depression, family therapy can help those closest to him understand how they can support an important member of their own family in this crucial time of need. Psychotherapy may be used for psychiatric conditions such as improved anxiety and depression, and many holistic therapies and relaxing and calming yoga sessions promote stress relief and relaxation so people afflicted with eating disorders can eventually recover.

A residential treatment center is a great option for your loved one who wants a change. They have a chance to immerse themselves in the therapeutic atmosphere and set up regular classes about nutrition so they can learn how to live a healthier life. It helps them be more receptive to the intensive talk therapy sessions which will allow their healing process to progress at an appropriate pace.

What happens if you say nothing?

If you suspect that someone has an eating disorder, it’s easy to pretend like everything is ok. However, eating disorders can be life-threatening illnesses and you might be the only person who makes the difference in your loved one’s life getting better or not. You may feel that nobody else will step up to help support them (this is true for many people living with eating disorders due to their state of mind) but this false sense of hope could lead to something much worse. That’s why it’s imperative you act swiftly and approach your loved one about what they are doing before it gets too late. Nobody else may feel comfortable speaking up, but if you do it could be what helps open the floodgates for help. It might seem uncomfortable at first, but don't let anyone bully or intimidate you into silence because that simply won't work. Remember one thing: “Silence breeds disease.”

If you need assistance connecting with other service providers that can help you learn how to care for someone affected by an eating disorder, contact us at Sanctum. Caring therapists there are able to help.

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