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7 Alarming Signs That Indicate an Individual Needs the Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

Most people are unaware of how they become addicted to drugs. The effects of drug addiction can be severe on both your mental and physical health. Addiction transpires as a result of using certain things that make one feel satisfied. People believe that they will be able to control the urge to use it over a short period. Ultimately, they fail to stop and become addicted to it.

Drug addiction is an enigma that requires sincere and consistent treatment. A person becomes a severe drug addict when they continue to take drugs or substances that they know are worsening their health. However, they are unable to stop taking and continue to do so, further depleting their health. Certain common drugs lead to addiction. Some of the drugs include Cocaine, club drugs, opioids, steroids, tobacco, nicotine, prescription drugs, alcohol, inhalants, hallucinogens, and many more.

A drug addict needs to be treated as soon as possible as the longer they wait, the more severe their condition becomes. The best treatment for addiction of drug addicts is available today, and addicts can seek treatment and find relief from the effects of their addiction.

In addition, there are also some cases where there are no signs of drug addiction are noticed. Moreover, we will discuss some of the warning signs that indicate an individual is a drug addict. This suggests that he or she needs to be treated at a drug rehabilitation centre as soon as possible and get the best treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

7 Alarming signs that hint to get the best treatment for drug and alcohol addiction

Below are seven signs one needs to see a doctor as soon as possible if one experiences any of these symptoms. Let’s discuss the problems faced by a drug addict in brief.

  • 1. Health issues

If an individual consumes drugs repeatedly, there might be certain symptoms that their body will begin to show. These include a change in the physical appearance of the body that may cause everyone to notice it. Red eyes, a change in skin texture, or a change in complexion are some of the more common changes.

People may also experience more health issues like cancer, lung disease (HIV or Hepatitis B) or heart disease, stroke, nerve disorder, and other mental disorders. These might be an indication that the person is suffering from drug abuse.

  • 2. Changing friends frequently

If a person is a drug addict, then they are likely to change their friend groups very frequently. New friends can enable them to use the drugs, purchase them and use them in the different locations possible. So, a drug addict is quite liable to change friends quickly.

  • 3. Change in sleep pattern

Drug addicts can notice severe changes in their sleeping habits. Different hormones in the body can alter the feeling of tiredness or alertness. This leads the drug addict to get a lesser amount of sleep or at the time no sleep at all, making them consume the drug over and over again.

  • 4. Change in behavioral pattern

This is one of the common signs that is faced by a person suffering from drug addiction. They will at times feel irritable, anxious, and angry. They will crave more drugs and will also experience frequent mood swings. There will be a drastic change in behavior like being happy and jovial one morning and then becoming melancholic and depressed the same evening.

  • 5. Loss of interest

Loss of interest may result in losing interest in things they once took pride in. They begin to feel tired quickly and have no desire to do the things they planned and practiced with great enthusiasm once. In such a situation, they are liable to invest all of their energy in searching for drugs and using them. Loss of interest may also lead to difficulty doing tasks, losing enthusiasm, backtracking on plans, etc.

  • 6. Visiting multiple doctors

Changing doctors frequently can also indicate that the person is a drug addict. They visit multiple doctors to get prescription drugs. Drug addicts have a stock of prescriptions and a large number of drugs available. The problem of drug addiction is prominent today. Drug addicts also face various problems like sleepiness, depression, and falls.

  • 7. Drastic changes in physical appearance

Changes in the overall appearance of people can be a warning sign of drug addicts. The signs include bloodshot eyes, poor hygiene, sweating, weight loss, nausea, bruises or symptoms of flu, chills, and colds. Frequent sniffing and blood from the nose with alcohol consumption can be some of the red flags.

If you notice anyone with the above symptoms, take action as soon as possible. You can go to the doctor and get the best treatment for alcohol and addiction. For more information, please visit


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