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What to Expect in a Rehab?

After some good hard thinking, you’ve decided it’s time to get your life back and you’re ready to start treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. Upon doing so, we know that most people find themselves wondering, "What is rehab like?" Most of them feel a little bit apprehensive about trying something new. Whether it's your first time at the facility or whether the counselor is new to you- it can be hard sometimes just to 'open up' especially when we're here to help you - we understand this and we're ready to help guide your path towards recovery.

What is Rehab Like?

Sanctum provides individualized substance abuse treatment to ensure that each client has an engaging and effective time on the path to recovery. A person's program will depend on their specific needs. While some clients will need more guidance while they work through one of our programs, some may need a more intensive level of care. Sanctum provides both progressive and intensive substance abuse treatment to ensure that individuals find the right path for them. We build lasting relationships with all of our clients. Our goal is always to give each person receiving treatment at Sanctum the tools they need to lead fulfilling lives free from addiction in both mind and body!

We provide many different rehabilitation programs, including addiction detox services, addiction treatment services, professionals program, men's drug rehab and women’s drug rehab. We take an individual approach to helping people understand their situation and teaching them how to get the tools they need in order not to succumb to negative thoughts or behaviors or relapse even when life throws something unexpected or stressful at them. Our addiction counsellors meet with you individually in order to get to know you better; from there we can start working together on which path of rehabilitation is best suited for you based on your personal needs. As everyone has different vices which require varying approaches, your experience is unique depending on where you are starting from emotionally and mentally. If you're wondering what exactly goes on in rehab, feel free to give us a call so we can review the particular details of your situation directly with you!

A Day in Rehab

When you first arrive at our facility, we evaluate both your drug treatment needs and the kind of structure you will need to stay on track during your treatment program. You may be required to go through detox first if that’s what seems right based on the first evaluation. For most people who are used to taking drugs or alcohol consistently, detox is the toughest part of drug addiction recovery. By medically-managing your detoxification process, it helps make it easier for you to handle whatever discomfort comes up along the way. Not only are we here for whatever difficulties you might encounter throughout this process but at our clinics, you won’t have to go through detox in an unsafe or scary way if that has been an issue for other programs in the past.

At Sanctum, we understand addiction is a multi-faceted disease with many underlying causes and consequences, and this is why we pride ourselves on a holistic approach to treating these disorders. We offer a wide range of addiction therapy services with the intention of providing as many therapeutic options as possible to offer our clients a chance at healthier, happier lives. Some of these include: *Art Therapy*, *EMDR Therapy*, *Equine Therapy*, *Fitness Therapy*, *Nutrition Therapy*, *Meditation Therapy*, *Neurofeedback Therapy*, and *Recreational Therapy*.

Of course, you’ll be attending various therapy sessions throughout the day. You’ll also participate in activities that will help to build your self-confidence. For example, you’ll engage in healthy eating habits, get plenty of exercise and fresh air, and take time to clear your mind each day. While rehab is hard work, we also believe in letting our clients know that they should treat themselves well when they aren't present in their sessions; don't forget to relax and let your mind wander once in a while!

Discover How Sanctum Wellness and Healing can help?

If you want to break from your self-destructive habits, stop asking “What is rehab like?” and find out for yourself! We can work with you to understand your unique situation and develop a rehabilitation program that makes sense for you. We will be here for you every step of the way. We know that it's possible—it's time for you to do so as well. Make the call and start your first day on the road to recovery.

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