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What is Charas? Types of Charas Found in India

The Indian version of Hash, Charas is the top quality Hash that comes in two types – Kerala Gold and Malana Cream. These are also the world’s most expensive marijuana resin. Hash has always been the centre of attraction for cannabis lovers worldwide. Charas is handmade cannabis that is grown in India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Charas is a common drug in India, but it is produced only in a few places like Kashmir and Parvati Valley. Its plants grow across the Himalayan foothills and are also treasured by breeders, strain hunters, and various cannabis lovers. Malana Cream is a special kind of charas found in the Parvati Valley, known for rich THC value.

Another type of Charas is Kerala Gold or Idukki Gold (we will talk about it later). Let’s talk about the types of Malana Cream.

Types of Malana Cream

Almost every marijuana enthusiast visits Parvati Valley in India for this recreational drug. It has been cultivated as a cash crop over the decades. It never hits the throat like other drugs. It is well regarded for up to 42% of THC content, while other cannabis plants have only around 7%. Here are some common strains of Malana Cream -

Rasol Cream – It has got reddish texture from within and has a pleasant aroma like raw mangoes. Rasol is a small village located around 10,000 ft. above sea level. Its climate and elevation are ideal for this drug.

Grahan Cream – This type of Charas is grown in Grahan village of Parvati Valley. It has black-greenish outer texture and inner green texture. It is a highly potent strain that makes you giggly and euphoric.

Tosh Ball – Located around 21 km from Kasol, Tosh is a well-known destination for Charas lovers and backpackers. It is brownish-green on the inside and black on the outside. It is spicy and aromatic in taste but hard to the throat. It gives pleasant feelings to the consumers.

Nagaru Cream – Located around 12,500 ft. above the sea level, Nagaru is a village in Parvati Valley where this golden cream is grown. It is known for its yellowish-green color on the outside and golden tint from inside with a green pinch on it. It is very oily and sticky. It causes constant hunger.

Waichin Cream – It is a mild form of charas with black tint inside and green texture on the outside. It has a minty taste and is light on the throat.

Kerala Gold

Also known as Mahadevan, Neela, and Idukki Gold, the Kerala Gold originates from Idukki district of Kerala. In the 1980s, many strains were brought back due to migration across the borders of Tamil Nadu. It is known for potent resin which is half foreign and half native. It has an earthy taste and skunk aroma.

 What to do if you know someone with Charas abuse?

Though Charas has a religious value, its long-term use and overdose can cause adverse effects. Charas addiction and overdose should be treated only at rehabs as they have the right procedures and tools to treat such conditions.

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