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Purging Vs. Non Purging Bulimia

When most people think of bulimia, they imagine a person force-feeding herself with excessive amounts of food in a short time, followed by rigorous rituals to purge the food from her body. But in reality, this is just one form of bulimia out of many possibilities. In fact, there are multiple types of the condition that have been identified that distinguish between purging and non-purging forms.

About Purging Vs. Non Purging Bulimia

Bulimia that happens on a recurring basis is considered to be bulimia nervosa. This eating disorder involves eating large amounts of food in one sitting, followed by some form of purging, including vomiting or using diuretics or laxatives to prevent the body from absorbing all of the calories present in the binge.

However, there is another type of bulimia which is less commonly known - non-purging bulimia. This is a disorder which usually begins in the teen years where one has inappropriate eating habits like frequent bingeing without attempting to make up for it by using any sort of purging technique like vomiting, diuretics or laxatives. Instead, the person coping with non-purging bulimia uses other methods like diet pills (which are highly dangerous!) or stimulant drugs or physically exercising more often than what's recommended physically.

Why and how People Commit to Either Type of Bulimia?

Bulimia can be misunderstood. The disorder’s apparent uncontrollable obsession with food and weight may in fact be much more manageable than it seems. Here are the two types of bulimia: - Purging bulimia involves private rituals for both binging and purging food, but leaves no physical evidence when in public. It is often not easily detected when seen or heard, because when in public you usually do not exhibit characteristics that reveal your struggle with the disease. -Non-purging bulimia involves bouts of binge eating but no elimination afterwards. Residual calories are absorbed by exercise or remedied by self-discipline in terms of diet or other compulsive behaviors without concern for what others think about your obsession to remain thin.

Just like with vomiting or over using laxatives, people often don't take issue with someone "being physical fit" or having very high standards when it comes to food. But since the obsession over exercising is not seen by others as secretive or shameful like other eating disorder behaviors are, non-purging behaviors go undetected more easily than other eating disorder behaviors do.

In a comparison of non-purging vs purging bulimia, people in both conditions tend to lack self-control when it comes to binging. They also tend to experience intense guilt and shame after bingeing which leads them to feel critical thoughts about themselves. People with these disorders also see themselves as unworthy and feel disgusted with their bodies.

Even though non purging bulimia outwardly appears to be a healthy means of weight regulation at a quick glance, the disorder is just as damaging. Actually, both forms of bulimia cause the body significant harm. Some similar results may occur from purging or non-purging bulimia, which include changes in heart rate, digestive issues and even death. Only through treatment can your loved one overcome either form-finding recovery from purging or non-purging bulimia thus making their life better for years to come!

Help for Bulimia and Other Eating Disorders

If you or someone you love suffer bulimia or another type of eating disorder, treatment can help you rebuild life in a healthy relationship with food. Of course, this treatment must include a range of therapies and programs. The optimum therapies and programs include dual diagnosis treatment, residential and IOP programs, nutritional therapy, family therapists, trauma therapy, social activities and alumni program.

For help with understanding purging bulimia or non-purging bulimia and how the disorder affects your life, call Sanctum wellness and healing, India’s best eating disorder treatment center. You can find your way past this eating disorder and to the life you truly want. So call now.

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