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Risks and Signs of Opium Abuse: What Parents Should Do?

 Papaver somniferum is a poppy plant used to extract white liquid to produce an opioid or narcotic drug named “opium”. It is usually available as a dried brown or black powder in tar-like consistency. It is found in solid or fluid forms, and it can be IV-dosed, smoked, or taken orally in the form of a pill. It causes the feeling of sedation, calm drowsiness and finally leads to euphoria.

When a person is mentally or physically dependent on opioids at an extreme level, this habit is known as opium abuse. Once this behavior takes over your life, it leads to adverse effects on your health, social life, career, and relationships. Its addiction can cause poor academic performance, low productivity, and malnutrition.
If you or your loved one is addicted to this substance, you should seek professional help. Here are some of the risks and signs of opium abuse parents should look for in their teens –
Health Risks
Opium slows down breathing to a level that a person goes unconscious and even dies in case of overdose. Some other effects are constipation, confusion, and nausea. It dries out mucous membranes and the mouth. If opium is taken with alcohol, general anesthetics, antihistamines, benzodiazepines, and other substances, it can slow the central nervous system and cause deadly respiratory depression.
Drug tolerance is another effect of prolonged use. An abuser takes more drugs to get the same feeling of high. Addiction and physical dependence aside, opium also causes withdrawal symptoms if a person tries to stop or reduce the use of opium after a long term.
Behavioral Signs
If your teen is addicted to opioids, they may no longer want to follow their hobbies or isolate themselves. They may not have an interest in daily tasks like doing their homework or cleaning up their rooms. Here are some other signs of opium abuse –
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Not giving attention to personal hygiene
  • Hiding drugs in any corner of their room
  • Risky behaviors like driving under the influence of opioids
Lack of academic performance at school is one of the common signs of opium abuse. For example, many teens perform terribly in exams or skip class due to their addiction to painkillers. They are more likely to be dropped out of their school.
Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are common problems with addiction. Many people even have suicidal thoughts. Many people take larger doses to cope with their pain, and it results in overdose.
What Can Parents Do?
If your child is affected by opium abuse, you should seek professional help from a rehab that can provide the right support to help them lead a happy life. Sanctum Wellness is the top drug rehab centre in Delhi that provides effective addiction recovery programs guided by qualified and dedicated therapists and counselors.
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