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India’s Mental Health Crisis spikes with soaring Coronavirus cases

Locked into their homes for several months while pandemic was raging outside, millions of billions of people suffered a lot and their lives were drastically changed. That uneasy transition caused a range of mental health problems, starting from stress and anxiety to depression, self-injuries and even suicidal tendencies.

Financial crisis, unemployment, and ill health are some of the daily stresses that people suffer along with this new normal and the tunnel of COVID-19 seems to be endless without any light of hope.

Due to this expanded uncertainty, people started to feel more depressed. From mild anxiety, people moved to moderate and severe levels. The behaviors like self-injuries increase with the severity of anxiety. India’s confirmed Coronavirus cases reached 47.5 lakh on Monday, September 14 and a total of 94,372 new cases were reported earlier that day.

The reports of people hurting themselves, committing suicides and complaining of severe anxiety and depression are adding to the worries. For example, more than 800 ‘self injury’ cases and 90 ‘suicide’ cases have been reported by 108 emergency ambulance services in Gujarat from April to July, according to the officials.

Since the first lockdown was announced on March 25, the cases started to rise soon. According to a 108 ambulance official, Vikas Bihani, usually 8 to 9 calls were received by counseling and suicide prevention helpline before lockdown. Since March, the numbers have almost doubled.

He added, “We received 142 calls related to depression from March to August. Most of the calls were related to mental health, family and financial issues and callers had no hope except ending their lives.”

Some people who tested positive used to hurt themselves as they were unable to handle the shock they got after receiving the reports. It is vital to study the causes behind such cases. According to Prashant Bhimani, a psychologist based in Gujarat said the ‘suicidal tendencies’ mostly occurred because of the financial crisis.

Coronavirus led to 70% rise in the population of patients suffering OCD and depression. They were worried about what would happen in their lives and health once they got infected.

Of course, exact figures are impossible to count. But the subjective evidence is increasing about people who are committing suicide. A newly married couple in Panipat hanged themselves in their home, earlier this week. The couple got married just a month ago. It was reported that Aawed (28) lost his job as welder due to lockdown and was looking for a new job during unlock period. According to his brother Jawed, he was very desperate for the job.

Migrant laborers Rambabu and Chutku committed suicide in their village located in Banda district of UP. According to their family members, both had no work and both were worried. A 37-year-old businessman in Barabanki allegedly poisoned his family (including three children and wife) and hanged himself at home because of failure of his business.

Two brothers left a suicide note behind mentioning their financial stress as the critical reason and apologizing to their families to take extreme step. They had a jewelry shop located in Chandni Chowk where they hanged themselves.

Sometimes, people are taking this step just because they were found positive. For instance, a 50-year-old man in Bolangir district of Odisha jumped into a well when he got the news that his nephew was tested positive. He was skeptical that he may also have Coronavirus.

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