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centers in Delhi are much better than in any other part of the country. You need to beware of some fraud centers which use unethical means to cure a patient's addiction. The key here is to do your own research before choosing Nasha Mukti Kendra in India.


When looking for a rehab centre, whether for yourself or a loved one, you need to keep in mind certain factors. Here are some of them –

  • Instead of informing any rehab center about your visit, it’s better to visit them at any random day and see the conditions yourself. You can visit them on a holiday or any idle hours of a day. You can have clear insight on whether they implement proper guidelines to treat the patients.
  • Interact with patients and talk to them and get all the inside details of the rehab.
  • You can even taste the food to get an idea about how they treat their patients and whether they take care of nutrition needs on the treatment.

      What to Expect when Going for Drug Rehab?

      Wondering how drug rehab works, and the treatment plan and what benefits it provides? There are some of the best drug rehab centers which have structured processes planned to cure addiction step by step. It is time consuming but addiction should be treated from the roots.

      Assessment – This stage is aimed to prepare a treatment plan for a patient on the basis of length, type, and severity of their addiction and any specific issues they are facing, such as domestic abuse or mental disorders.

      Detoxification – It is the first and important stage. It is very vital in the rehabilitation process and every person has to go through this. Your body needs time to settle when you stop taking any addictive element. It may take a few days to a several months as per the type of chemical, physical condition of the person and history of drug abuse.

      During this stage, you might feel a lot of sore symptoms, such as tremors, sleeplessness, depression, nausea, restlessness, and aches. You can get all-inclusive psychiatric and physical assessment in a rehab center. This way, they can address any existing condition.

      Psychological session – After physical detox, targeting any basic psychological issues is another process. People with psychological issues usually get into addiction as it is not controlled by the brain. Prolonged use of chemicals causes psychological issues. It is an important stage to progress through the effective plan.

      Therapy – Addiction doesn’t spare any area of your body. So, the actual cure starts at this stage. It is a multi-dimensional treatment to address the psychological, physical and social aspects. It combines several techniques and disciplines like –

      • Counseling
      • Group sessions
      • Psychotherapy
      • Meditation
      • Yoga
      • Art therapy

      The patient has to change their behavior. A lot of therapies have been proved helpful for behavioral modification like dialectical behavior therapy, drug counseling, contingency management therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Well, it is not the end of treatment. After completing the treatment, there is one more step ahead.

      Aftercare – Addiction is highly prone to relapse and withdrawal symptoms. It is always a great idea to enter in the aftercare program. Early recovery can be very helpful. You need to look for support from therapists, especially when the rehab is familiar and known to different issues and history.

      Sanctum Wellness is one of the best rehab centers in Delhi. It is the recovery-oriented treatment center and is led by well-trained staff to heal the mind and body. They offer the best facilities, advise, and treatments to help the addicts and their friends and family members. Along with counseling, they provide care like family. It is the stage where rejuvenation starts. We stand by you with your family in your journey to heal yourself.

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