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What is Charas? How Sanctum Wellness Can Help?

 Charas is the resinous and sticky part of the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant grows abundantly in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jamaica as well as in Morocco. Charas or Hashish as it is known outside India is a very potent psychoactive drug that is used all over India. The cannabis plant grows well in the hilly terrain of North India and it is here that most of the Charas manufacturing takes place in places like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Even though Charas is illegal in India, many use this drug today with very bad results.

How is Charas Made?

The process of making Charas is a long and tedious one; it can be done by those people who have experience with isolating the drug. A person has to rub his hands through the cannabis flowers. The resin of Charas sticks to the hands of the harvester and after a long day spent in the cannabis fields, one can expect to cull about 10 grams of Charas. If the harvester rushes through things, the charas obtained will be of lesser quality.

What Happens When Charas Is Smoked?

Charas is an expensive drug and suffices to say that once it has a person within its grasp, the inpidual becomes addicted to the substance and experiences a downward spiral where his finances as well as standing in the society is negatively affected to a great degree.

What Are The Effects Of Charas?

Charas can have a powerful and mind-numbing effect on the smoker. THC which is the active ingredient in Charas is in greater concentration than in regular Hashish or Marijuana. The effects of Charas are as below;

  • It can have psychedelic effects like altering of consciousness and hallucinations.
  • Those who smoke charas will have slurred speech, heavy eyelids, and blood-shot eyes.
  • Users of Charas experience dream-like states where warmth and relaxation are felt.
  • Intense hunger is brought about by the use of Charas.
  • The brain cells slowly die in many cases of Charas smoking.
  • The lungs of the Charas smoker are negatively affected after some time.

Some Other Side Effects of Charas

  • Sensory Distortions
  • Vomiting, Nausea and stomach cramps
  • A significant loss of motor coordination
  • Changes in the pattern of respiration
  • Increased heartbeat and blood pressure, bringing with it the chances of heart attack
  • Extreme sleepiness
  • Increased chances of being involved in an accident because of the loss of coordination and also poor decision-making ability.
  • Depression

Long Term Effects of Abusing Charas

In the long run, the person who abuses Charas will have several health issues, they include;

  • A lowered resistance to illnesses like flu, colds, and bronchitis
  • Abnormal structure of cells and pision of cells
  • There will be a reduction in testosterone production and also reduced sexual functioning.
  • There will be respiratory problems.
  • Psychology issues like apathy, decreased motivation, a higher risk of psychosis.
  • Depressed mood and hamstrung cognition.

Charas Deaddiction/How Sanctum Can Help

A person addicted to Charas will not be able to leave the habit on his/her own because the drug is very addictive. They need to enroll in a De-addiction Centre and pursue wellness. This is where Sanctum Wellness comes in. As a Rehab Centre and a Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi, Sanctum has the best of luxury facilities and a staff of psychologists, psychiatrists, and caretakers who have been trained abroad to offer world-class care. As a Rehabilitation Centre India, Sanctum has access to the best treatment plans that are customized as per the patient. Psychiatrists will create the patient’s Inpidualized Treatment Plan and this ensures that the patient is on the road to recovery in the least possible time. Follow up care post-release is also offered by Sanctum so that the patients can stay sober after discharge.

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