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The foremost rehabilitation facility, Sanctum Wellness, provides comprehensive treatment for individuals struggling with addiction and behavioural disorders. Our array of services seeks to facilitate rehabilitation and individual development. Our expert team is committed to providing care of the highest calibre.

Our rehabilitation centres provide effective treatment for alcohol and substance addiction by relying on scientific research and evidence-based practices. Utilising various therapeutic techniques and specialised services, our therapeutic approaches are based on scientific evidence and supported by a foundation of scientific knowledge.

Several factors influence our patients' ability to overcome substance addiction and mental illness. We recognise the significance of patients' motivation and dedication to the therapy process and the need for lifestyle modifications that promote long-term healing.

To address the unique requirements of each patient, we tailor treatment programmes to their clinical development. We perpetually assess and modify our methods to ensure they are the most effective for their recovery journey.

Individualised Methods of Care

Sanctum Wellness uses a holistic, integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment approach. To help the brain adapt to the changes necessary for a healthy life and the acquisition of coping skills, we address the underlying causes of the problem and provide lifestyle modifications, tailored therapy, and neurofeedback.

When required, family therapy is used to pinpoint the social root of the problem, treat the underlying factors that led to the patient's condition, and provide family members with the tools they need to care for their loved ones after they return home. We have spent years perfecting a therapeutic environment that promotes recovery and enhanced quality of life.

The Sanctum Wellness Best Rehab Centres for Addiction Treatment has much to offer.

Sanctum Wellness Rehab is the best rehab centre in India to go for help with drugs and mental health. Our recovery programme is all-inclusive and uses the latest treatments and therapies, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy, family therapy, and motivational therapy.

Our recovery centre in India, uses many different kinds of physical and mental treatments to meet the needs of each person. We know that a personalised method is the only way for our people to have good results.

A Rehabilitation Centre of International Calibre is Closer than you Imagine.

The Detox centre is located in India. You can anticipate an idyllic environment to recover from addiction, tension, and toxin-related issues, spread across 2 acres of verdant vegetation. At our rehabilitation centre in India, you may select from various available accommodations. Depending on your preferences, there are suite rooms, deluxe rooms, twin-sharing, three-sharing, and six-sharing accommodations. Welcome to our wealthy and compassionate rehabilitation programme, whose sole objective is restoring mental health for a healthier mind-body balance.

Why Choose Sanctum Wellness?


Regaining health Monitoring, assistance with daily activities, and regular progress updates provided to family members.


We provide homelike conditions for patients, which make their stay more comfortable and aid in their speedy recovery.


Doctors, nurses, and attendants are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that each patient receives the necessary care and attention.


The Sanctum Wellness Rehabilitation Centre has been providing psychiatric, dementia, and de-addiction remedies for years under the direction of the renowned psychiatrist. He is supported by an experienced, multidisciplinary staff of specialists, including psychiatrists, mbbs physicians, psychologists, certified addiction counsellors, nurses, and other medical professionals.


Our discrete psychotherapy facility is staffed by expert psychologists who conduct psychological, cognitive, and behavioural testing and therapies. In addition, we operate a 12-step de-addiction programme at both of our rehabilitation centres.


Extracurricular activities are crucial. The daily yoga and meditation sessions, dramas, plays, dance and music programmes, and other forms of entertainment aid in the recovery of patients.

What We Do for Treatment

Along with their therapy and de-addiction services, the Sanctum Wellness Rehabilitation Centre opened one of the few places in India that helps people with dementia get better and care for them. Our different care and recovery homes for people with dementia offer high-quality places to live away from family and focus on providing complete, multimodal care. People worldwide have praised and praised these places for people with dementia.

We take great pride in providing our clients more activities and services than conventional drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres. We are adamant that the road to recovery should be about overcoming addiction and rediscovering happiness. Frequently, alcoholism and substance addiction lead individuals to abandon their former passions.

Infrastructure and facilities at the Sanctum Wellness

Our specialised office is set up to help people with memory, drug abuse, and mental health problems. With more than 100 beds, we have a lot of room for our patients. They can choose between sharing a room with another person or having their room. We also have luxury bedrooms.

For our patients' general health, we have exercise rooms where they can do things like yoga and follow other treatment plans to improve their physical and mental health. Our in-house cooking serves healthy, high-quality food, and we make sure the water is clean to keep everyone as safe as possible. Also, if our doctors tell us that someone needs a special diet, we can make that happen at our rehab centre. This makes sure that everyone's needs are met.

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You are no longer required to evade reality and become entangled in a web of substance abuse and addiction. Embrace the gift of life with complete restoration through Sanctum Wellness's expert wellness practitioners' comprehensive therapies.

Sanctum Wellness, your preferred rehabilitation centre, can provide you with a compassionate, trustworthy wellness advocate. Contact Best Rehabilitation Centre Near You for more information on recalibrating your 'life' journey.

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