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The Dangers Of Benzodiazepine Addiction

 Benzodiazepines happen to be an extremely popular mode of treatment for a wide variety of disorders like sleep problems and anxiety. While doctors consider that benzos as they are popularly called, are safe for short term treatment, long term benzo use is especially harmful.

Benzodiazepines are a class of drug that treats conditions like seizures, anxiety and insomnia. They act by reducing the activity of the brain neuro-transmitters and especially affect the GABA transmitter that is a tranquilizing transmitter, slowing down the activity of the brain.

Side Effects of Benzodiazepines

Here are some of the side effects associated with benzos:







Memory loss



The thing with benzodiazepines is that they are prescribed by doctors and for a short term treatment schedule only. If the patient uses the drug exactly in the manner as prescribed by the doctor, he or she will not get addicted. It is with long term use that tolerance towards the drug develops and the person feels a physical withdrawal on reducing his or her dose.

The withdrawal symptoms are often the very same as for which the drug was prescribed, they are:

Disturbances in sleep

Cravings for the drug



Muscle stiffness

Heart palpitations

Signs of overdose

If you or a loved one overdoses on a benzodiazepine it can be quite serious and sometimes fatal. The risks are the greatest when in combination with other substances like alcohol and opioids.

Slurred speech



Difficulty breathing

Slow heartbeat

Severe drowsiness

Severe weakness

Treating benzodiazepine misuse is a task that should be left to professionals. Because the withdrawal symptoms are quite intense and disturbing, a Rehab Centre in  Mumbai would be your best bet. Get in touch with Sanctum Wellness, an upscale rehabilitation center so that you can quit your addiction for prescription drugs today.

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