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Are Suicide, Addiction, and Depression Linked to Each Other?

In the past few years, the number of suicides has been increasing rapidly. It is one of the leading causes of death today and every year more than 48000 people end their own lives. People with a suicidal tendency have the goal of ending their life and thus they commit suicide. Today various surveys and research are being conducted to decipher the ultimate factors that lead to suicide commitment.

There are a number of factors that contribute to suicidal tendencies, such as drug addiction, which leads to depression and suicide. Each of these terms is connected to the other in certain aspects and may contribute to the increase in suicides yearly.

Today, the world is advancing at an exponential rate and there is high competitiveness in the market. People are competing against each other in every sphere of life to attain a position that they desire. In this fast-paced world, there might be some people who may gain success and others who may not.

These people can likely get into depression when they don’t see a path ahead. On the other hand, there can be certain people, who either by their choice or due to depression start taking drugs and get addicted to them. There are best doctors for treating depression in Mumbai where an individual can consult if they face any of the issues.

Some of the warning signs which indicate that a person is at risk of committing suicide

  • Rapid change in the mood, sometimes being too happy and other times too sad.
  • Changed eating and sleeping habits
  • Feeling guilty, feeling hopeless, and talking about no reason to live the life ahead
  • Involving in the tasks that have the highest risks
  • Remaining private and detaching oneself from everybody
  • A feeling of being trapped and thinking that there is no path ahead
  • Getting anxious, irritated, or depressed at a frequent interval of times
  • An incorrigible desire to kill oneself and have no hope in life.

Addiction and Suicide

The relationship between drug addiction and depression can contribute to suicide in different ways. The risk of an alcoholic person committing suicide is almost five times greater than that of a non-alcoholic person. When a person is a severe alcoholic, they may lose inhibitions and become impulsive.

Eventually, this can result in depression, and they can isolate themselves from all social ties. Furthermore, if they continue to consume large quantities of drugs, they may ultimately die. Data from the National Library of Medicine has shown that drug addiction is responsible for approximately 50 percent of the suicides happening every year. So, you should visit the best doctors for treating depression in India as soon as possible and not delay the treatment.

Factual Information Relating to the Suicides

According to the National Violent Death Reporting System, a survey was conducted in the year 2005-2007. Some of the following conclusions can be drawn from the survey and are directly related to the correlation between drug addiction, depression, and suicide. Let’s list a few of them.

  • Almost 69 percent of the individuals who committed suicide were addicted to one type of drug.
  • Around 25 percent of individuals ingested 2 types of drugs who died due to suicide.
  • 79% of the deaths and suicides occurred because of prescription drugs.
  • The second most used drug for suicides were over-the-counter drugs such as acetaminophen.

How can they be prevented?

A significant number of people have committed suicide due to drug overdose and depression in recent years. Science has advanced and there are various ways to treat the depression. Also, best doctors for treating depression in India are available where a person can seek guidance. Moreover, certain ways can help in the prevention of drug addiction.

  • Easy availability of lethal substances

Among the striking factors that contribute to drug addiction is the ease with which one can obtain substances that can lead to suicide. Suicides can be reduced if the substances that lead to suicide are not easily available on the market. Most of the substances used in suicides are either readily available or are prescribed by doctors to treat mental or physical conditions.

  • Development of the guidelines for the safe dispensing of medicines.

There should be guidelines for the safe dispensing of medicines to individuals who are at increased risk of suicide. The information needs to be spread worldwide and clinics need to be aware of the individuals to whom they are dispensing medications.

  • Build a social support system

Family, friends, teachers, parents, and school administrators play a vital role in an individual's life. They are the prominent factors that help individuals to stay away from drugs and alcohol abuse. Family members and friends can help create a way for drug-prone individuals to express their feelings. They can even assist individuals to seek professional or medical help when the individual may require it.

In addition, other measures include educating the family member about drug addiction and establishing connections between mental and physical health organizations.

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