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How Building a Strong Relationship with Rehab Can Help Addicts Recover Quickly?

 Addiction, irrespective of whether it is related to gambling, drugs or alcohol or even food makes it difficult for us to lead a normal and healthy life. Often in the process, it undermines our relationship with others, particularly our friends & family members. Addiction can leave the addicted in isolation and helpless, resulting in increased emotional as well as mental stress. This is where most people (read addicts) choose to seek advice and treatment at a rehabilitation centre. But, in order to extract the maximum benefits from a rehab centre, it is important that the addict focuses on building a relationship with the rehab. Continue reading to discover what Dr. Danish has to say about establishing a strong relationship with a rehabilitation centre and how Sanctum Wellness can help people identify and deal with their drug & alcohol addiction through repeated sessions, therapies and de-addiction programs & treatments.

Building a Strong Bond with Rehab

The struggles of dealing with addiction are galore. This is exactly where a reputed rehab such as Sanctum Wellness works wonders for patients who are severely addicted to drug, alcohol, gambling and other strange habits. The luxury rehabilitation centre offers a host of facilities and amenities alongside best rehab programs, relapse prevention treatment and therapies that help addicts to recover faster. Dr. Danish, in particular focuses on building strong and supportive relationships with patients, enabling patients to cope with their addiction problems. He encourages them to share their addiction experiences and motivate patients to move towards de-addiction. 

He believes that social support and constant encouragement is integral to improving a patient’s health, wellness as well as lifestyle. As a result, his treatment process and therapies are designed to bring about sobriety in the inpidual. 

“My years of experience with drug & alcohol addicts have taught me that the key to de-addiction lies in an appropriately designed treatment plan that focuses on inpidualized therapy as well as support and love of family members. I strongly believe that when addicts receive adequate care and love from patients, it provides them with hope, desire and determination to achieve holistic recovery. 

As human beings, we naturally incline towards creating long-term bond or relationship. Often addicts who have symptoms such a manipulating, lying or stealing find it extremely difficult to build meaningful relationships with anyone. This is precisely where I insist on rebuilding a healthy relationship for quick recovery.

How Sanctum Wellness Helps Patients to Recover?

Addiction often leads to impulsive behaviour and poor judgement that further strains a healthy relationship. By building a strong connection with the team members at a rehab facility, addicts can overcome their addiction problems to a large extent. The team of CBT experts, psychologist, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors and other staff members at Sanctum work hard to build a strong connection with patients to provide them with adequate care and de-addiction treatment.  

They encourage patients to apologize for their behaviour and acknowledge the fact that they may have caused harm to someone through their addiction. This step is crucial to a successful recovery. In addition to this, the experts at Sanctum also focus on teaching addicts how to communicate honestly and openly aside to practicing listening skills. Each of these steps put together ensure a healthy and speedy recovery. 


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